Friday, January 29, 2010

The Stomach Flu Fairy Strikes Again!

Hello Ms Stomach Flu Fairy. I am not pleased with you. I am sure you get a lot of angry letters from parents! I am not one to complain, but I feel this is a valid complaint. You visited our house just one short month ago in December and cursed us with your horrid stomach flu bug. Remember? It was just days before my Birthday and 2 weeks prior to Christmas. I remember it well, as my kids were sick for a day and then I was fooled into thinking they were feeling better. So I fed them. All that next day they were fine. Or so I thought. Guess what sound and smell I woke up to that night? Yes, it struck again a day later and the same children I might add.

As a parent of 3 children, I am resigned to the fact that you'll visit our household at least once each year. However I must remind you after this mornings episode with my 19 month old getting sick 5 times on my carpet. You have exceeded your allowed quota of one visit per flu season. Please go find someone your own size to pick on and leave my kids alone!

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