Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bunk beds - what was I thinking?!?!

I was super excited when I finally found what looked like a decent bunk bed for less then $180.00 online - shipping included! It rolled up at 6 PM and it was pitch black out when the freight truck delivered the set. My 4 year old was especially excited - he thought it was "Lighting McQueen" being delivered to our garage. He was thinking the freight truck was "Mack" and Lighting McQueen was inside, since it was dark out - all he could see was it was a large truck and it had lights. :)

So we get it assembled today and the boys are super excited about their new beds! We are stoked too, cause thanks to the bunk bed, the kids will finally have some room to play in their room and all the toys can go in there too! Yeah no more toys in the living room right?

I was feeling pretty smug about it all, until it came time to put on the sheets. Why didn't someone tell me its a pain the rump to change sheets on a bunk bed? Here I am teetering on the ladder trying to stretch far enough across the top bunk to get the mattress cover and sheet on the bed all in one swoop. After like 10 minutes I finally get the top bunk done. So I'm thinking the bottom one will be a piece of cake. Umm no. Why you non bunk bed owners ask? Well because now I must reach way back in the deep corners of the bed without hitting my head on the top bunk. So putting sheets on these bunks took me like 20 minutes. A task that only took me 2 minutes before when they had single beds. Please tell me I'll get faster and better at this? Until then I am going to dread changing the sheets! Please boys - don't pee your beds ever again?


  1. Oh no...bunk beds! I hated my daughter's! Especially since she didn't share a room but thought it was fun to change beds once in a I would still have to change both sets of sheets!

    I quickly taught her to change her own sheets...since she is small and could climb anywhere!

  2. Uhmmm... I never found it to get any easier. I'm a little short and finally had to start crawling onto the top bunk to get the sheets on. I usually hit my head on the ladder trying to do the bottom one.

    It didn't last long at my house!

    Good luck.

  3. Too funny....just yesterday I was having this same thought! The extra floor room is great, but my daughters, who are expected to make their own beds, are having a rough time with it, too. Then, after they leave for school, I have to go in and "fix" it, leaving myself sweating and out of breath before I'm finished!

    However, my older daughter LOVES the bottom bunk, has hung a sheet down from the top across the front to give herself a private little cave where she uses a flashlight to read. She wants her own room, so this is her solution!

  4. Its funny, because I talked to a lot of people about us wanting to get a bunk bed for the boys and they all thought - what a great idea it was. No one ever mentioned what a pain it is to change the sheets! I thought I was being a wimp. Glad I am not alone in this LOL.


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