Sunday, April 11, 2010

Working at home with children

Working from home with children, has its challenges. Its why I am writing this blog post at 1 AM. I always have a "helper" of sorts. We are starting our new line of personalized birthday tees and I am working on taking some pictures of my creations. When my son decides that my shirts need a little dressing up.

Mater perhaps? Of course every shirt needs a mater! No wait, it needs something else - a convertible. Oh and my kid's hand. Yep these shirts will just fly off my shelves now!

After my son was busy playing with Mater and the convertible, I was finally able to get this image! That's better!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

We are proud to join in on our first Ultimate blog party hosted with 5 Minutes for Moms! We are excited to meet all kinds of new bloggers - yay!

I am Cheryl WAHM mom to 3 wildy, hyper boys! In between diaper changes. bus stops and naps I run our website Milo's Creations. We specialize in dress up costumes for make believe and pretend play! When I am not packing up orders and working on our website, I love to create new things! My 2 favorite crafts are crocheting and machine embroidery!

Well that's enough about me for now - lets get this party started! Please leave a comment, we always love to hear from our readers!

Oh! And I almost forgot! We are giving away a prize on 5 Minutes for Mom! USC#39, Choo, Choo – all aboard your kids will shout when wearing these fabulous Kids Train Engineer Overalls! Authentic pin striped overalls come with matching hat and red bandanna. Comes in sizes 18 months, Toddler and children’s sizes.

Want to win this prize? Or maybe some other fabulous prizes? Head on over to Ultimate Blog Party 2010 and enter to win! The prizes I would love to win are of course the Grand Prize - Toshiba Laptop

#40 Holiday Inn would be fabulous! And if you do win this one, be sure to check out Disney's promotion - you can learn more about that here

#19 Hasbro Toys Would make some great Christmas gifts for my boys, yes I am Christmas shopping already - I shop year round!

#26 Getting Organized is something I need to improve on!

#39 Be my guest gift certificate. A vacation alone with the hubby perhaps? That would be nice!

#USC An extra 50.00 in my paypal account from MomDot is always nice too!
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