Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yes you can eat in the living room

We have a strict rule in our house. No eating in the living room. Well I try to enforce that strict rule, but somehow I always manage to find evidence of disobedience of this rule, with an apple core shoved behind the tv or a stray cereal piece in between the cushions.

Well tonight I had to break that rule. I allowed my 2 oldest to eat in the living room. Why? Well because I was in the kitchen washing dishes and my youngest was in there as well. My oldest was trying to snack on a ice cream cone and my middle child was eating a piece of cheese. My youngest was going crazy because his brothers were eating those things and he wasn't. We couldn't give those things to him, since they are milk based products and he had the stomach flu. So finally to end the drama, I shooed the older kids to the living room while distracting the youngest.

My husband asked, "why didn't you just leave the kitchen and take the little one with you?" Well I don't know why - maybe a day of cleaning up puke, fried my brain and I didn't think of that!

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