Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy 1st blog anniversary and horrible, no good, very bad week!

First let me say happy 1st anniversary to Milo's Creations blog! Its hard to believe that I have been blogging a year already! Here's my first post ever on blogger! I'm glad to be here, blogging is fun and I have gained a few new friends along the way!

Now for the terrible, horrible, no good bad week. Yes I stole some lines from the Classic Alexander book (can you tell I read this alot to my kids?)

Lets start with the fact I got into a car accident with my new (to us) mini van. So new in fact I haven't even had a chance to write a blog about it. We had it for about a month.

My car insurance company calls me yesterday and tells me they totaled my van. I'm super bummed. I really liked that van. It was a Honda Odyssey. Not any Honda Odyssey, it was one my uncle gave me when he died. So I know its stupid, but I feel like a connection to him was lost. Sigh.

We have our internet, tv cable and phone through the local cable provider. I paid my bill (I really did, have the email confirmations to prove it) Spent probably 2 hours on the phone with them this week agruing over it (their customer service is horrible!) and we get it straightened out Thursday afternoon that my account is good and my services won't be shut off on the 12th. So Friday the 12th rolls around, my hubby has the day off and I plan to sleep in! Nope, I am rudely awakened by my kids who are upset they can't watch Franklin and my hubby is upset cause he can't surf the internet. I'm mad now. First I didn't get to sleep in. Second, I took care of all this on the phone twice.

Later I found out after everything was restored and I was able to get online and check my bank account, that they took money out of our checking account and shut our service off in the same day. How crazy is that? I wasn't kidding when I said they have BAD customer service.

The day before this, I go shopping and out to lunch with my mom. I drive her van, its raining and we turn the lights on. You know where this is heading don't you? Yes I got out of the van and left the lights on and ran the battery down. I had to call my husband to come give us a jump.

A lot of other little crappy things happened also this week, but I won't bore you to death reciting them.

Last night my hubby and I got a sitter for the kids and went out to dinner ALONE for the first time in over a year. My batteries are recharged and I'm ready to tackle the day again. :)

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