Friday, June 13, 2008

A Field Trip to a Zoo with a bunch of First Graders!

Last Friday my husband and I helped chapperone our oldest son's first grade class on a field trip to visit to the zoo. That was interesting. A bunch of very engergetic 7 year olds, a few parents and a bunch of teachers all crammed into 2 school busses for an hour long driving trip. Oh and I did I mention the real kicker for me, was at the time I was 37 weeks pregnant! The trip about killed me.

First we all board the bus and I haven't been on a school bus for probably 15 years! I forgot how small the seats really are! As I look at all the darling kids sitting 3 to a seat and then there's my husband and I smooshed into our seat. Our knees crammed up against the seat in front of us, it was almost like riding on an airplane, except without a/c.

So we arrive at the zoo and we walk, and walk and walk some more. Seeing the lions, tigers and bears oh my. So after touring Africa, we break for lunch. I packed us a lunch, but my husband wanted more then the PBJ's and apple I provided him and he proceeded to pay $8.00 for 2 soft pretzels with cheese. While eating our lunch, we had a white peacock come over and visit us and cleaned up our spilled popcorn on the ground. The peacock was not impressed with a piece of my husband's 4.00 pretzel.

After lunch we tour the other side of the zoo, which was the swamp forest. Basically a really long walk in the woods and in the swamps. We finally board the bus and head for home. I took a 3 hour nap when I got home, I was so exhausted!

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