Thursday, June 3, 2010

Plan a Princess Birthday Party

Your baby girl is celebrating her birthday soon and you may be on the lookout for great theme ideas for the party. How about planning a princess themed party? No doubt, she is the princess in your life, so why not celebrate her birthday in a royal manner? Plan the perfect princess birthday party that would let her live the life of a princess for one day. Although you may think otherwise, it is extremely easy to organize a princess party, all you need is some inspiration and a little bit of effort.

Below are some tips that can help you set up the perfect princess birthday party for your daughter and her friends;

o INVITATIONS: Make use of a calligraphy font to print your party invitations. Roll up the parchment and tie it with a satin ribbon to give it a royal feel. For the extra effect, you can have the invitations delivered by a messenger wearing a medieval costume.

o DECORATIONS: Purple, pink and gold are great colors that can be used to decorate the location of the party. Tie ribbons to the chairs and put up strings of balloons. You can use dolls as centerpieces. Also, attach colorful paper streamers to light fixtures to add a festive touch.

o ACTIVITIES: Set up different activities so that everybody can get together and have fun. Place beads in bowls so that the girls can create their own colorful necklaces. Give tiaras and ask the kids to decorate their tiaras with glitter and sparkles.

o FOOD AND DRINK: You can either bake or order the cake. Make sure the cake has attractive frosting, pink icing looks the best. Name food items accordingly with the theme. Pink lemonade garnished with strawberries can be a great drink for the party.

o FAVORS: There are a lot of options that you may consider. Royal tiaras, magic wands, accessories etc. work well as party favors.

Hopefully the above mentioned tips would help you organize a great princess birthday party for your daughter. Add the royal touch to the party and make your angel feel like a true princess, even if it is just for one night.

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