Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Conversations with an automated phone greeting

Whew October was a busy month! We were so busy shipping out orders - we haven't had a chance to blog. Thank you all of our customers for making Halloween 09 season so succesful!

I had to call our health insurance company today. It has one of those automated and interactive greeting service. Gone are the days where you press 1 for yes and 2 for no. Instead the greeter "listens" to your voice commands. I found out the hard way that any background noise confuses the greeter. As usual I was multi-tasking and trying to make myself and my toddler lunch. I was frying perogies at the stove. Apparenty the greeter didn't like the frying sound. It kept telling me "I'm sorry I did not understand you". Um, I wasn't talking. So I moved away from the stove. I impatiently wait as the greeter goes through the list of my choices. Say one for blah, blah, say TWO for blah, blah, blah. None of these choices were why I was caling. Then my toddler chimes in his 2 cents from the background and the greeter goes crazy. "I'm sorry I can't understand you." And it kept repeating that over and over - sometimes interupting itself to start over when my toddler launched his new string of sounds.

The advantage? Finally the greeter gave up and said 6 little magic words "I'm transferring you to an agent." FINALLY - I can talk to a REAL person! LOL

Lesson learned? Next time I am in the situation of being forced to talk to an automated greeter, I will either A) put my toddler on the phone - he gets results. Or B) I will just jabber like my toddler until I get desired results!

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