Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Crazy Day - Monsters vs. Aliens movie

So we decide after the kids swimming lessons we'll take our kiddos to the movie theatre. The local theatre is a historical building that is close to 100 years old. Today they were doing 1.00 movies day. Today's feature? Monsters vs Aliens.

Our first stop was swimming lessons. We were running late and I was trying to grab all the "stuff" that we would need for swimming and a change of clothes afterwards. I stuffed all our clothes in our niffy Blue Animals Zoo Wetbag and we were off. Got to swimming, peeled the boys shirts off and ushered them in the pool. I decide today I'd let my 1 year old (who's not walking yet) splash around in the wading pool. Boy oh boy did he splash. Got me soaked.

Kids get done swimming, I propel them to the locker rooms to get changed into street clothes. I frantically stuff their wet clothes in our wetbag, rush out to the car, load everyone up with about 20 minutes to spare.

I discover my 4 year old neglected to bring along his shoes. This kid goes barefoot most of the summer, so I am not surprised. Mental note to self to verify he is wearing his shoes from now on when leaving the house. Simply telling him to get his shoes on the way out the door apparently isn't good enough. Now what I think. Going home and getting them is out of the question. After a quick mommy assessment, I decide to run to the local CVS and buy a cheap pair. I find a size too small spiderman flip flops. I stuff them on his feet and we are off to the movies!

We pull up to the movie theatre at 1:25 and there is a line about a block long out front of the theatre. I'm muttering to myself there can't be a line to get into this movie can there? Its not a new release and anytime we go to this old theatre we and about 15 other people have the place to ourselves. After a quick assessment of the situation, I decide to drop my husband off at the end of the line and go park. Why I didn't send a kid with him to wait in line I don't know. I guess its because there was tons of traffic and people every where and I felt pressured to move out of the way.

Three blocks later I find a parking spot. We get out, I grab my sleeping baby, his blanket and his bottle. I stuff the shoes back on my son's feet and we walk. Along the way I learned something new about my 4 year old son. He does not like Flip flops. He doesn't like the little piece that goes between your toes. And kept walking out of them and leaving them on the sidewalk. I would realize this after we were several paces away and we'd run back and get them, stuff them on his feet again, only to repeat this process again a few steps later. This was the source of entertainment for people who were walking behind us. Finally I gave up and let him walk barefoot down the sidewalk, keeping a watchout for anything sharp.

We arrive to the front of the theatre. No husband. We go inside and he is just walking away from the ticket window - yeah! My first lucky break of the day. Then we get in line for popcorn. Son takes off shoes several more times. Sleeping baby is awake and not happy about being woken up. Not to mention he is sliding further and further down my hip as he sqirms around in my arms. And my oldest can't stop chattering. Finally I do another mommy assessment and decide to take the kids and find seats. No seats on first floor, must walk up three flights of stairs to the balcony, with a squirming baby, chattering kid and the shoe escape artist. We retrieve the shoes at least 2 times on the stairs. No good front row seats so we must go to the fourth or was it fifth row. I get the kids situated. I'm sitting between my oldest and middle child, cause I know better then to let them sit next to each other in a dark movie theatre. I situate squirming baby on my lap, then I think, um how is my husband going to find us? Movie previews have already started, its very dark in there. The walls and floors are dark red, which makes it even darker, he'll never find us! Then I whip out our modern day invention - the cell phone! Only he doesn't answer it cause his hands are full of popcorn and drinks. I manage to flag him down, we hand out the popcorn and the kids are quiet for awhile. That is until the popcorn ran out, sprite was spilled on my legs by both kids and the movie began to get a little boring.

So that was my day, how was yours?

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