Saturday, May 23, 2009

Only 9 more days of school left!?!?

I look forward to summer, yet dread it at the same time!

I look forward to:

Spending time with my kids outdoors and fun activities
Sleeping in past 6 AM, (if my baby will let me!)
Not waiting for the bus that's always early when we are running late & always running late when we are ready
Not having to recycle the mounds of schoolwork my 2nd grader brings home to me each day.

I don't look forward to:

The endless "Mom he took/hit/broke/hid" (You get the idea)
Lugging all the gear we'll need to go to the park, pool, zoo or other field trips.
The day I realize I have ran out of things to keep them entertained and its just too hot to play outside - the result? Bored, cranky kids.

So now I am wracking my brain trying to make a list of everything we can do this summer that will wear my kids out but not wear me out! Stay tuned to see my ideas and maybe you can share some of yours.

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