Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bubbly Toilet?

So I think my 4 year old has been feeling the middle child effects. His oldest brother is 8 and commands a lot of attention because he is ADHD and his youngest brother is 6 months old who also commands alot of attention because he is a baby. So my 4 year old has been doing some creative things to amuse himself while Mommy is busy with his brothers.

His latest creation - was squirting the foaming hand-soap (the kind that looks like shaving cream with you pump it) into our toilet! I went to check on his "potty progress" and to my dismay he was just finishing up pumping the last of the brand new bottle of "shaving cream soap" into the toilet bowl.

So I stood there trying to decide what to do. Do I go ahead and flush it? The bowl was nearly full of foam. I was thinking of how washers react to to much soap and overflow. Should I try to scoop it out some how? (YUCK) Then I got to thinking, where would I put it once I scooped it out? So I vetoed that idea quickly and decided to flush and was ready with paper towels just in case! To my surprise the toilet handled it like a pro and no overflow!

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