Tuesday, June 17, 2008

About Milo's Creations

So what is Milo's Creations you ask? First, let me tell you how we came up with our name.

The name Milo comes from our inspirations - our children. Michael and Logan. The first part MI is the first 2 letters in Michael and LO are the first 2 letters in Logan = MILO. The creations part, came from our desire to offer our handmade creations!

Here is a picture of our little inspirations!

Our vision was to offer our handmade creations, unique gifts, as well as speciality, high quality children's products. Once we became a business and checking out all the vast array of vendors, we found we really enjoy specializing in Children's and family dress up costumes and clothes and expanded in that area. Now a year later, after being quite successful with the lines of children's dress up clothing and costumes we carry. We will soon be ready to start offering some of our quality, handmade items, baby items and more gift items.

We only offer high quality items, that we as a family would buy for ourselves, our children and our family and friends. Because we are so selective, we are very knowledgeable in our products. In fact 99% of the time we have tested and personally use each and every product we offer. I say 99% because as a mom of all boys, my boys don't personally wear our selection of princess dress up clothes! However, many family and friends have tested those products and have rave reviews about them!

We started this business as a family affair, we involve our children as much as possible, by using them as our adorable models for our creative products and we teach them how to pack and ship our items. As well we have 2 huge laminated map on our walls, one of the United States and one International map. When we get an order, our children place a star on the map of the location that the order is being shipped to. Its been a great learning experience for them. Very rewarding for us to "see" where all of our products are going every day!

So come check out our site by clicking the banner below, we are creatively adding new products all of the time, bookmark us and come back often!

Thanks for taking the time to read about us and our family business!

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